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Blog-based lesson and e-portfolios



















This session provides basic notions like planning a lesson and put into practice what you might have learned about blogs to design a lesson supported with e-portfolios to collect students' activities for evaluation. 




At the end of the session, participants will be able to


  • plan and design a lesson online using blogs
  • keep track of some of the activities their students do planned for the blog-based lesson (writing/listening/reading/reflecting on own learning


Target audience


  • Foreign language teachers
  • Requirements: Having an e-mail account, familiarity with blogs, word processors and Internet access



Interest Section:

  TESOL CALL Interest Section


Weekly content




Week 1: Getting Started

         During this week, participants will be... 

  • Exchanging introductions and getting familiar with the group environments
  • Trying tools for synchronous communication to be used during the workshop
  • Using a Group map
  • Answering a survey to determine previous experience with blogging
  • Recording course expectations in Chinswing



Week 2: Understanding and planning web-based lessons


        During this week, participants will be...  

  • Discussing what a blog-based lesson is
  • Knowing the stages to plan a blog-based lesson
  • Learning about approaches for a blog-based lesson
  • Outlining a blog-based lesson
  • Sharing outlines of blog-based lesson plans



Week 3: Designing your web-based lesson in Blogger


       During this week, participants will be...  


  • Setting up an account to design a blog-based lesson in Blogger
  • Adding a brief biography
  • Learning how to add elements in Blogger
  • Designing a blog-based lesson based on an outline


Week 4: e-portfolios


        During this week, participants will be...  

  • Defining e-portfolios
  • Discussing blogs and e-portfolios
  • discussing why e-portfolios
  • Adding students' e-portfolios to blog-based lessons





Week 5: Project development


      During this week, participants will be...  


  • Sharing, evaluating and reflecting on blog-based lesson


Week 6: Rounding off


       During this week, participants will be...  


  • Discussing the challenges of using blogs to plan web-based lessons
  • Assessing participants' self-learning
  • Evaluating the session
  • Participating in the closing ceremony 




Teadira Pérez is an EAP teacher at the School of Modern Languages, Universidad de Los Andes, Mérida - Venezuela. She has an MSc in Linguistics and a PhD in Education. She has been working in the use of ICT for foreign language teaching and learning in the last five years. She is a founder member and President of AVEALMEC.


                                      Miguel Mendoza is an ESP teacher at Universidad Central de Venezuela  in the school of librarianship. He holds a Master’s degree in the teaching of English as a foreign language. He’s an ICT consultant for the

British Council and has worked as tutor for Consultants-E. He’s a founder member and Secretary of AVEALMEC. Blog: http://the-ve-blog.blogspot.com/





Evelyn Izquierdo is an ESP/EAP teacher at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) since 1996. She has an MSc in EFL. She has been working in the use of ICT since 2005 after becoming a  member. She is a member of the Distance Education Committee at the Humanities and Education Faculty (UCV) and a founder member of AVEALMEC (Venezuela's CALL Association). She moderates several Yahoo Groups related to ICT and ELT, and was recently awarded as a full scholarship recipient to attend the WorldCALL 2008 in Fukuoka, Japan. She is currently taken a one-year postgraduate program called MUVEnation sponsored by the the EC and was chosen by Languagelab.com to be a Spanish Teacher in their Sim 'Ciudad Bonita',  in Second Life.

Blogs: http://beyondtheenglishclassroomwalls.blogspot.com/http://worldcall2008japan.blogspot.com/, http://mymuvenationexperience.blogspot.com/,




Communication tools to be used:




Join this session



To join this group:


From January 1 to 12:


  1. Go to:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Blog-based/


  2. Click on the blue button:  (This is just an image). The real button is on the Yahoo Group. If you don´t have a Yahoo ID, you will be prompted to create one (it is free).


  3. Follow the instructions




Note: When you register for the group, you will have to be approved by the moderator. In order to reduce the possibility of "unwanted" members (such as spammers), please be sure to explain who you are and why you want to enroll in the session. This message will only be seen by the session moderator


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The Electronic Village Online is a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section.


 Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc.






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