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EVO 20th Anniversary Webinar


 EVO: 20 Years of Free Professional Development in Online Teaching/Learning for English Language Teachers Worldwide



Date/time: Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 9:00-10:30 US EDT










 14 EVO Co-founders and Lead Coordinators, 2001-2021


Time Speaker Title  Summary  Materials  (uploads)
9:00 - 9:20 Co-founders Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Tom Robb, Susan Gaer  

EVO--beginnings and developments

  1. Introductions--Christine
  2. Founding of EVO--Tom: Why was EVO started? What were some of the challenges? Tom, as CALL-IS Chair at the time, did the paperwork for applying for a special grant that TESOL was offering to Interest Sections. The money was never spent
  3. Principles/Organization/Platforms of EVO--Susan & Christine
  4. Organizational changes in EVO; EVO--what it has meant for me--Christine
9:20-9:26  Elizabeth Hanson-Smith      
9:26-9:32 Dafne Gonzalez   My EVO stairway to online teaching    Why I joined the Webheads in Action EVO workshop back in 2002, and how it changed my professional and personal life. Learning by scaffolding!




9:32-9:38 Aiden Yeh / JoAnn Miller (Co-Coordinators)   

Aiden: How EVO provided a safe platform for online discussions on sensitive but pertinent issues concerning native/non-native teachers in TESOL, and how my EVO experience influenced my current research interests in minority languages/speakers and migration discourse.

JoAnn: Some of my experiences during EVO's first years as a presenter of sessions for beginning internet and how it had changed by the time I Co-Coordinated.




9:38-9:44 Carla Arena  The Great Reset: How EVO Led me to Where I am  An overview of what I learned from the EVO experience and how it connects to what I am doing today.    
9:44-9:50 Nina Liakos  My EVO Story: participant, co-moderator, coordinator
I'll share how EVO changed my life, and talk about a couple of innovations that happened on my watch.
 Nina’s EVO Story.pdf
9:50-9:56  Mbarek Akaddar  New tools and records  I will share statistics of breaking participation records and the new tools introduced to make coordination  teamwork more effective.  
9:56-10:02 Nellie Deutsch  Highlight of the Year  I will share TECNO CLIL as one of my highlights in 2016 and how I train, recruit, and support EVO session mods on a Moodle site.   
10:02-10:08 Carolina R. Buitrago Standing on the shoulders of giants I will share my experience co-leading the team with a new structure in mind and learning from life-long EVOers while at it.   Carolina's slides 
10:08-10:14  Martha Ramirez Keeping cool in turbulent times: coordinating during pandemic  I will talk about leading EVO during pandemic, the effect it had on different logistics and sessions offered along with reflections on how it led to a warmer team dynamic.   Martha's EVO2021 presentation
10:14-10:20  Vance Stevens   Webheads and EVO : Truly Lifelong Learning

I plan to show how a popular EVO session I organized in 2002 led to my becoming a coordinator of EVO in 2003 and nurtured a series of Communities of Practice which have persisted, sustained themselves, and involved quite a number of my professional colleagues in TESOL CALL-IS and in EVO to this very day. For more information, find the slides here http://bit.ly/EVO20Vance 


Lifelong learning journey to the EVO 20th Anniversary Webinar.pptx  

Lifelong learning journey to the EVO 20th Anniversary Webinar.pdf

10:20-10:30  Questions & Answers       



Presenter Biographies



Christine Bauer-RamazaniCo-founder of EVO, Vermont, USA 

Christine Bauer-Ramazani, a native German, is the former Director of English Language Programs/ESL instructor and teacher trainer at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. Her passion has been the integration of technology into teaching and learning through CALL. She has designed and taught online graduate courses for her college and TESOL. In 2000, she co-founded the Electronic Village Online of TESOL, and chaired the CALL-Interest Section of TESOL, receiving the D. Scott Enright Award for service. Publications and presentations include book chapters, articles, international presentations, keynotes, and invited workshops on technology and strategic planning.  
Tom Robb, Co-founder of EVO

Thomas Robb, Ph.D., University of Hawaii, is Professor Emeritus, Kyoto Sangyo University. He is a long-time user of CALL and the Internet, and has created a number of websites and applications for Extensive Reading, student projects, interactive learning and professional exchange. He has held numerous leadership positions in International TESOL, JALT (Japan), PacCALL and now is Chair of the Extensive Reading Foundation. He is also the Editor of TESL-EJ, , the first online journal for ELT. He served two terms as Chair of CALL-IS in 2001 & 2002.

Susan Gaer, Co-founder of EVO

Susan Gaer has been teaching ESL for more than 40 years. She has taught in Adult Education, Community College and Teacher Education. She is currently the President of CATESOL and was the CALL-IS Chair in 2005. She co-founded Electronic Village Online in 200 while on the CALL-IS Steering Committee. She is a passionate advocate of integration of technology into learning and is currently a Subject Matter Expert for the Outreach Technical Assistance Network (OTAN) , an English Language Specialist for the US State Department as well as a partner and advisor for World Education in Boston. Susan can be reached at susangaer@gmail.com or at her website http://www.susangaer.com
Elizabeth Hanson-Smith,

Dafne Gonzalez

Dafne Gonzalez has been an EFL/ESP teacher for more than 40 years. She graduated in Language Teaching, has a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistcs, and a Ph.D in Education. In 2015, she retired as a Full professor from Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela where she Coordinated the Graduate Studies in Education Programs and was the Head of the Specialization in Informatics and Education. Besides teaching technology-related courses at the graduate level, she also taught English for Architecture and Urban Planning courses. She was the lead coordinator of the TESOL Electronic Village Online for 2 years, after she joined the Webheads in Action workshop in 2002, staying in the coordination team until 2016. She co-moderated, with Teresa Almeida d´Eça the Becoming a Webhead (BaW) online Workshop 2004 - 2014.  She also taught the "Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Online" course for the TESOL Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program offered by TESOL for 8 years. Teaching in Second Life has also been part of her work. She taught a course on how to teach languages in Second Life for a Master’s Program at the UNED, in Spain, a couple of years ago. Presently, she teaches Spanish as a Second Language, and she keeps teaching English for Architecture online "ad honorem". 

Aiden Yeh

Aiden Yeh PhD (University of Birmingham, UK), Associate Professor, Graduate Studies at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages in Taiwan. She supervises research on migration discourse (Southeast Asian migrants in Taiwan), corpus CDA using digital text analytical tools, speech-to-text apps in analysing Taiwanese students’ English varieties in World Englishes context, and documentation of linguistic landscapes in Taiwan. Her interests in using technology in learning, teaching, and analysing languages have been greatly influenced by her experiences with EVO, being part of the EVO team and serving as lead coordinator in 2010 with JoAnn Miller and in 2011 with Moira Hunter and Carla Arena as co-coordinators. She also offered discussion-focused EVO sessions on Native and non-Native English Speakers in TESOL (NNEST) issues. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the Technology in Language Teaching and Learning Journal (Castledown Publishers), and a reviewer for The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher (TAPE) Journal, Asian English Journal, English Today, International Journal of Language and Literary Studies, and Asian Journal of English Language Studies (AJELS). 

JoAnn Miller

JoAnn Miller has been involved in EFL in Mexico City for over fifty years and is now proudly the Editor-in-Chief of the MEXTESOL Journal (www.mextesol.net). She has worked as an EFL teacher, the coordinator of a teacher training program, as the general English coordinator of a large, multi-level, private university, as a materials developer, and a teacher trainer throughout Latin America. She was on the Board of Directors of TESOL, Inc. (2003-2006) and she was proudly a member of the CALL-IS and helped out in the Electronic Village. She also worked with Aiden Yeh on the organizing committee of CALL Electronic Village Online (2010-2011) and for many years before that enjoyed coordinating sessions dedicated to helping people who, at that time, were not yet acquainted with the internet.

Carla Arena Carla Arena is a social entrepreneur, educator by choice. She left a promising career in the public service to become an English teacher and got the chance to take roles she could have never imagined, such as site content manager at the Binational Center she worked for, Casa Thomas Jefferson. There, she was also the Supervisor of Educational Technology, and more recently Coordinator of Innovation and Technologies. Carla is a Google Innovator and educational technology consultant. Currently she innovates in her own businesses, AMPLIFICA (http://amplifica.me). Carla had the pleasure to be part of the EVO team, first as a participant, then a Webhead and moderated many EVO sessions, becoming, later on a EVO Coordinator in 2012-2013. 

Nina Liakos

Nina Liakos taught English as a Second Language for over 40 years, mostly in higher education settings in the United States. She was clueless about anything Internet-related until 2006, when she enrolled in the EVO session Becoming a Webhead. One thing led to another, and she joined the EVO Coordination Team in 2012. She retired in 2015 but stayed on as Lead Coordinator until 2016. She is currently focused on saving democracy in America.

Mbarek Akaddar


  Mbarek Akaddar is retired public school teacher of English in Morocco. He' is a certified Microsoft Educator , a MIE Master Trainer , Adobe Education Trainer , a Certified National Geographic Educator, and a Climate Reality Leader.  He was awarded the Innovative Teacher in Morocco in 2007, and he was a recipient of TESOL professional development grant in 2017. He was involved in EVO since 2009 first as a participant, then as a moderator, then as a coordinator. He's currently an EVO former leader coordinator and  a reviewer at TESOL international Professional Development Council.
Nellie Deutsch

Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) is an education technology community building mentor to educators worldwide. Nellie has been teaching English in high school and at the college level for 40 years & integrating technology into in person programs since 1992. She organizes free online events such as Moodle & Virtual World MOOCs, online conferences (Connecting Online & Moodle MOOTs), promotes team peer instruction & learning, supportive learner autonomy & integrating technologies such as Moodle, Jitsi, Congrea, Google Meet, MS Teams, MeritHub, ZOOM, Vimeo Record Screen, Screencast-o-matic, Quizlet, Kahoot, Voki & google drive with Audio Add-ons for active learning & teaching as a way to learn & mindfulness practice at https://moodle4teachers.org. 

Carolina Rodriguez Buitrago Carolina is a full-time professor at Institución Universitaria Colombo Americana-ÚNICA in Bogotá, Colombia. Carolina has been an EFL teacher for over 20 years. She has worked at schools, language institutes and universities, as well as with national projects through the Ministry of Education,. In 2014, Carolina started her path along flipped learning and has been an avid flipper since then. She has participated in multiple projects with flipped learning and has been recognized for its implementation in higher education. Currently, Carolina belongs to the Flipped Learning Network board. 
Martha Ramirez MarthaRamirez holds a Master's in Education from Universidad de Los Andes where she currently teaches courses on academic English and growth mindset in education. She is a master teacher in flipped learning from Flipped Learning Global Initiative and has participated in courses about in-class flip and differentiation strategies. She has been an EVO coordinator since 2018 and a moderator of the flipped learning session since 2016. In recent years, she has combined her passion for flipping and differentiation with growth mindset development. 
Vance Stevens, (vancestev@gmail.com)
Vance Stevens lives in Penang, Malaysia. Founder/coordinator of Webheads in Action and Learning2gether.net, he has produced 515 podcast episodes since 2010. He was On the Internet section editor of TESL-EJ from December, 2002 to May, 2021. and has over 150 publications, many available at http://vancestevens.com/papers/, dealing with students using computers to learn languages and teachers learning to teach using technology by engaging in communities of practice and in participatory cultures.  He has co-coordinated TESOL/CALL-IS Electronic Village Online (EVO) since 2003, and has co-moderated EVO Minecraft MOOC for the past 7 years. He was recently awarded the 2019 CALL Research Conference Lifetime Achievement Award.


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