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Call for Proposals for EVO 2024 

Deadline: Sunday, September 3, 2023 (CLOSED)





General Information


Individuals may propose a session, but we strongly recommend a team of several moderators for each session. At least one moderator on the team must be a member of TESOL or IATEFL, an affiliate association, or another English language association. Sessions may be on any topic in ESL/EFL (not necessarily about technology) and are free and open to all interested parties. We especially encourage proposals for hands-on workshop sessions involving materials development (whether online or in-person) or the exploration of web-based tools or software. The session may follow up on topics from a previous convention or invite pre-discussion of issues or topics in an upcoming convention. To view descriptions of earlier sessions, including last year's, please see EVO Previous Sessions.




The EVO proposal process involves several phases. During each phase, the proposal undergoes continuous improvement, enabling it to advance to the next stage of the process. 


Phase 1: Lead moderators collaborate with co-moderators on the proposal. To get accepted for the next stage of the process, all criteria on the EVO Proposal Template must be implemented in high quality and with sufficient detail. Review the criteria for proposal vetting in the RUBRIC: EVO 2024 Proposals and make any necessary adjustments.


Phase 2Lead moderators will be informed of provisionally accepted proposals on September 24, 2023 and participate in a five-week Moderator Professional Development (MOD PD) courseThis is required for first-time moderators and strongly encouraged for returning moderators. Lead moderators must register for MOD PD, have notifications turned on, and stay abreast of developments regarding their co-moderators and the proposed EVO session. Please review the purpose, expected outcomes, and policy of MOD PD


Phase 3: At the end of MOD PD, the proposed EVO sessions will be adjudicated for inclusion in the Call for Participation for EVO 2024.


EVO sessions will be offered from January 15 to February 18, 2024. In mid-February, moderators of EVO 2024 sessions will be invited to participate, free of charge in the two-day Best of EVO 2024 Online Conference March 16-17, 2024 with live/synchronous or recorded presentations.


SPECIAL NOTES for returning EVO sessions   


If you are joining a proposal for a returning EVO session, follow these steps:


  1. Contact your lead moderator for important information and changes for EVO2024. 

  2. If you are a new moderator, you are required to participate in Moderator Professional Development for EVO 2024
  3. Your lead moderator must submit your name and contact information to the EVO Coordination Team 


How to submit an EVO proposal (only for lead moderators)


If you, as a lead moderator, are interested in submitting a proposal for an EVO 2024 session, please read carefully and follow these steps diligently. Proposals that have not incorporated the specified procedures, may not qualify for acceptance.
It is highly recommended that you and your co-moderators add important dates and due dates to your calendars.


Step 1: Make a copy of EVO24 Proposal Template Google Doc and share the link with your co-moderators as well as the EVO

             Coordinators (contact information below)

Step 2: If you don't already have one, create a free PBworks account at https://my.pbworks.com/?p=create.You will need this in order to enter 

             the EVO 2024 Proposals wiki and start your proposal.
             Click the link
How to Set Up a PBworks Account and Join a Wiki to learn how to create your account.

Step 3: Fill out and submit the Lead Moderator's Request to Access EVO 2024 PBworks Wiki for Proposals Form to request permission to

             join the EVO 2024 Proposals wiki as an editor of your proposal. A wiki page for your proposal will be created for you. An EVO

             Coordinator will contact you with the link to your proposal page.

Step 4: To request access to your proposal page in the EVO 2024 Proposals wiki,  

      1. log into your PBWorks account;
      2. visit http://evo2024proposals.pbworks.com/, and click on request access when you see the following:  



NOTE: The following steps should be taken AFTER you as the lead moderator have completed and submitted the Google form.


     4.  If possible, add a message to explain who you are and state the title of your session as submitted on the form. Your request should be

          granted once we have verified your
          Google Form submission, usually within 24 hours.

     5.  You will receive access to a PBworks wiki page with the title of your proposal.

     6.  The proposal wiki is not for public access, so if you can see it, you have writer access at that point.


     While waiting for approval to gain access to the proposals wiki, take a look at some examples of proposals accepted for EVO sessions in

     prior years. They can provide good models for your proposal. When your request is approved, you'll be able to access the EVO 2024

      Proposals wiki and create your proposal! 


Step 5: Access the PBworks wiki page with the title for your session. It contains all items of the EVO 2024 Proposal Template.

Step 6: Save your page. Then copy/paste the information from your Google doc. Upload the pictures of your co-moderators to the wiki, put them on your page and resize them.

Complete the proposal by the deadline of September 3, 2023Review the criteria for proposal vetting in the RUBRIC: EVO 2024 Proposals and make any necessary adjustments. 


This is a video on how to add a photo to your proposal (Bio section).




Share the Call for Proposals


Feel free to forward this Call for Proposals to other e-lists, and thank you for helping us spread the word! Click the link for the Facebook-friendly Call for Proposals for EVO 2024. 


List of contacts


If you need additional help, please contact any coordinator on the EVO 2024 Coordination Team.



Name Position Email address Location (city, country)
Sanja Bozinovic EVO Head Lead Coordinator msbozinovic@gmail.com Velica Gorica, Croatia
Christine Bauer-Ramazani
EVO Lead Coordinator/Co-Founder of EVO/EVO-CALL-IS Liaison cbauerramazani@gmail.com Burlington, Vermont, USA
Rose Bard EVO Incoming Lead Coordinator rosebard@gmail.com Criciuma, Brazil
Nellie Deutsch Former EVO Head Lead Coordinator nellie.muller.deutsch@gmail.com North York, Canada 
Jane Chien EVO Coordinator ychien@gmail.com Taipei, Taiwan
Sheryl McCoy EVO Coordinator n2teaching2@gmail.com Pittsburg, Kansas, USA
Larisa Olesova EVO Coordinator lolesova@gmail.com Gainesville, Florida, USA
Naglaa Salem EVO Coordinator salemnaglaaut@gmail.com Toronto, Canada
Sue Annan EVO Coordinator sue.annan75@gmail.com Island of Jersey, Channel Islands
Doris Molero EVO Coordinator doris3m@gmail.com San Salvador, Argentina
Sudarshana Shirude EVO Coordinator sudarshanashirude@gmail.com Dombivali, Thane, India
Grazzia Mendoza EVO Assistant Coordinator grazziem01@yahoo.com Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Zeynab Moosavi EVO Assistant Coordinator znb.moussavi@yahoo.com Tehran, Iran



EVO is NOT part of TESOL's Certificate: Developing an Online Teaching Program.

 For information about this Certificate, please contact TESOL Professional Learning.


 EVO is a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section.


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