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EVO 2001 CfP

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These sessions are all closed.       Return to EVO Previous Sessions.      Return to the Call for Proposals 2012.




Electronic Village Online

The CALL Interest Section is proud to announce its new online sessions, made possible by an Interest Section Special Project Grant. If you can’t come to the conference, now the conference can come to you--before and during the TESOL Convention (with TESOL DISCUSS), and after TESOL (with TESOL FOLLOW-UP)!


TESOL DISCUSS: February 12 - March 9


This session follows along with the TESOL conference and some of the discussions are held in conjunction with Interest Section Academic Sessions, InterSection Sessions, or Strands.  TESOL DISCUSS starts two weeks before the conference and continues for one week after the conference. 

The following sessions will be offered


Professional development in Adult ESL -- Adult Education Interest Section (AEIS)--Moderator: Tommy B. McDonell


Teaching Academic English to Engineering Students --English for Specific Purposes Interest Section (ESP)--Moderator: Yuefang Cheng


Business Writing -- English for Specific Purposes Interest Section (ESP)--Moderator: Laurel Reinking


Native Speaking Teachers versus Non native Speaking Teachers Abroad -- Non Native English Speaking Teachers (NNEST) with English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Interest Section--Moderator: JoAnn Miller


Stress and Intonation -- Speech/Pronunciation (SPR) Interest Section--Moderator: Sandra Browne


TESOL FOLLOW-UP: March 7 - 31


This discussion forum will go online immediately following TESOL 2001 and features the following sessions:


International students and NNE master's students in MA-TESOL programs in the US--co-sponsored by the TE-IS and the NNNEST Caucus--Moderator: Elza M. Major


Academic Assistance for ESL Writers --Teacher Education (TE) and ESL in Higher Education (HE) Interest Sections--Moderator: Lynne Diaz-Rico


Writing for Multimedia -- Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Interest Section--Moderator: Marianne Phinney

To self-register for these online sessions, visit http://www.blackboard.com/ between February 1 and March 6.  Enter "EV2001" in the left-hand side, in the slot labeled "Find a course" and click "Go." Then select the course(s) that you wish to participate in, click Enroll in Course and fill in the requested information. Type showme (one word, no caps) as the access code. 

             The EV ONLINE team
             Christine Bauer-Ramazani (cbauer-ramazani@smcvt.edu)

Susan Gaer (sgaer@yahoo.com).
             Thomas Robb (trobb@cc.kyoto-su.ac.jp)


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