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This is the second MachinEVO session we would like to offer on EduNation in Second Life. Last year's session was very successful with many educators participating and many machinimas having been produced. A machinima is a video recording of a 3D environment, and in our case we focused on recording language learning conversations. However, these kind of recordings are technically very challenging, and last year, we were still very inexperienced.  Yes, we learned a lot, thanks to our great experts' advice. This year, we hope to improve our technical skills and look forward to learning together. 



Target Audience

This session is aimed at experienced language educators, language course designers  and webheads. Experience in Second Life is a pre-requisite.


Interest Section Sponsors





Weekly Outline


By the end of this session you should:


  • Understand basic film production techniques
  • Be able to design and create short machinimas of people conversing in the target language.
  • Be able to edit and upload the video clips onto video hosting sites, such as youtube, vimeo and others.
  • Use emoting, gestures, animations and culturally rich context to create videos for language learning
  • Learn digital story telling techniques to connect several videos together in a tele(port)novela setting. 




Week 1 (Jan 14 - 20, 2013) - CINEMA TIME!


It was a big learning curve last year when we learned to produce machinimas for the first time. And, yes, we learned lots: recording, editing, publishing and the many tips and tricks on specialities of film production in Second Life. The great outcome last year, were 17 machinima and a few more since.


During this week we will

  • proudly present our 17 productions from MachinEVO 2012
  • watch and enjoy other fantastic productions so as to learn from them and build on them
  • meet, watch and talk about what we would like to do and how to collaborate.


Week 2  (Jan 21 - 27, 2013) - STORYBOARDING AND ROLEPLAY


A good story is at the heart of every good film production. The same holds true for a machinima in Second Life.


During this week, we will

  • learn how the poetry and humour of emoting in roleplay can help us build story
  • how to use gestures and animations
  • and how to find or create culturally rich backdrops to enrich the video production



Week 3    (Jan 28 - Feb 3, 2013) - BASIC FILMING AND EDITING


This week we will double-check our progress on last week's tasks and ease into the technical aspects of film production by making machinimas from still photos of our actors in the various locales specified by our scripts.


During this week, we will

  • practice shooting some footage
  • learn camera angles, audio, and the appropriate tools to do the recordings.
  • make sure we are ready for producing live action footage in Week 4



Week 4     (Feb 4 - Feb 10, 2013) - ADVANCE FILMING AND EDITING


Now we will build on the basics we have been exploring by working on more advanced editing.


During this week, we will

  • learn to edit the recordings, cut, lip synch with the audio, and reduce the file size.
  • learn to upload them on any of the video platforms available.




Any editing issues that have come up will be resolved, file sizes will be reduced, and finished products will be uploaded to online video platforms. Then at the end of the week, there will be a film festival where we will invite others in SL to watch the video productions with us in a cinema type setting. Workshop evaluation

Join this session


>>>Sign up for the session starts on Jan 7th, 2013.


The action starts on Jan 14, 2013.


To join this group: please register on our community NING site


From January 7 to 13:


  1. Go to: http://machinevo.ning.com
  2. Fill in the form (like the one in the image below), and click on "sign in"



    3.       Wait for your membership approval.  



Even if you signed up on this NING last year, we may ask you to sign up again as we deleted all of the previous memberships to start the MachinEVO session afresh.







Randall Sadler [Randall Renoir] is associate professor at the Illinois University, head of the Virtual Worlds SIG of CALICO and book author on language learning in virtual worlds and telecollaboration. He is a TESOL member.


Carol Rainbow [Carolrb Roux] holds a B phil Ed (hons) and has taught in the UK for many years but is now teaching English in LanguageLab, Second Life, teaching the Avalon course in Second Life and is working as an on-line tutor for The Consultants-E. Her main interests currently are using Second Life as a teaching platform and e-safety.


Dennis Newson [Osnacantab Nesterov] taught EFL in Africa, Arabia, Norway and Germany in middle schools, secondary schools, teacher training colleges, a technical university and an arts university.


Heike Philp [Gwen Gwasi] is CEO of Let's Talk Online, a language teacher training center in new media, and co-initiator of both EU funded LANCELOT (virtual classroom) and AVALON (virtual world). Founder of the Virtual Round Table Conference.


Barbara McQueen [Barbara Novelli], has decades of experience mentoring fellow teachers one-on-one, through in-services, as an ESL teacher trainer for Oxford Seminars, and as a conference presenter for TESOL and the VWBPE.


Jens Kjær Olsen aka [Jens Nerido] is a Danish Teacher - ICT Consultant - WEB-Portal Editor - ESL Teacher - Filmmaking Teacher. In 2012 I took part in the MachinEVO course.


Shelwyn Corrigan [Wynshel Heir], has a Master's in Linguistics, a Master's in Digital Media & Learning and certification in Multimedia Studies. She has worked in digital design since 1994. In addition, she has taught ESL and EFL in Europe and South America, and at universities in California and New York.



Marisa Constantinides [Marisolde Orellana] is a teacher educator/trainer from Athens, Greece. She runs CELT Athens, a centre offering a variety of TEFL training programmes, from TEFL and CELTA Certificates, to Cambridge DELTA courses. She also is a moderator/co-founder of the ELTon nominated #ELTChat full of resources.



Dr. Doris Molero [Pionia Destiny]

Dr. Doris Molero, aka Pionia Destiny is an EFL Professor from Rafael Belloso Chacin University (URBE) in Maracaibo, Venezuela. She is a doctor on Sciences of Education specializing in curriculum and instruction



Our Session Online Spaces

Second Life (experiece in SL is required).


Screen recording software such as fraps, Camtasia and others.


Video hosting sites such as youtube, vimeo and others


Animations, gestures, huds.




The Electronic Village Online is a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section



Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Language, an international education association









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