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Information and Communication Technology for English Language Teachers   




ICT4ELT (Information and Communication Technology for English Language Teachers) is a session for teachers who want to explore how computers could be useful in their teaching but do not know where to start.  It can also help more experienced teachers who want to know more about new ICT tools.


Target audience:

EFL / ESL teachers and educators with little or no experience in teaching with computers and online web 2.0 tools. More experienced teachers and educators are welcome too as they can learn from the session's content as well as from the participants' discussions.  







Session objectives: 

At the end of the 5 weeks, participants, collaboratively and hands on, will have...

  • used various synchronous and asynchronous Web tools for learning and teaching EFL/ESL, 
  • interacted through e-mail, text chat, voice chat, voice and video mail, and distribution lists, among others, 
  • created wikis, blogs, podcasts and interactive exercises related to their own contexts, 
  • reflected on ways of applying those tools to their teaching, either online or face-to-face.


Week 1: 

Getting to know each other and the course platforms. Introductions

In this first week, participants will become familiar with the session wiki, introduce themselves and get to know each other using the wiki and a G+Community. They will post their biographical information and pictures to the wiki and do an ice-breaking activity in G+C. In addition to this hands-on approach, participants will also read texts about e-groups and wikis - their usage at school and participate in a discussion using the Edmodo platform.  



Week 2:

Synchronous and asynchronous communication tools: Text, Audio, Video 

In the second week of the session participants will explore synchronous and asynchronous text, audio and video chat tools. There will be "mini Skype conferences" held by session moderators with participants throughout the week, where participants connect synchronously with each other and with moderators. In addition, we will explore Padlet for sharing audio and video messages and Twitter as means of curating the web and connecting to like-minded peers. There will be an online live session, where participants explore the use of synchronous and asynchronous communication tools in teaching.


Week 3:

Presentation Tools, Blogs and Wikis 

In the third week we will have a look at different tools for processing photos or pictures and creating video-like presentations. We will use PhotoPeach, Animoto, Flickr and YouTube. In addition, a choice of optional multimedia tools for more advanced users will be provided, such as Slideshare, Capzles and Sliderocket/Prezi. Participants will use a selection of tried and tested multimedia tools. They will be able to make their multimedia creations visible online through blogs or wikis and share them with other participants. 


Week 4:

Interactive exercises and quizzes

Participants will learn how to create their own interactive exercises and quizzes for the classroom and make them visible online.  They will share their creations on the course wiki as well as other platforms like blogs or wikis. They will explore Edmodo in more depth and learn about quizzes and polls created there. They will get acquainted with Big Marker and have an online live session with questions and answers there. 



Week 5: 

Cooperating online & wrap-up. 

During the last week, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on how they may use the tools they have seen during these weeks in their classrooms. They are also invited to share contact information in order to find future partners and develop collaborative projects between classes.  There will be a live session where participants become familiar with Webheads in Action (WIA) and how to share post-ICT4ELT work. By the end of this final week, participants will share their reflections on ICT4ELT, complete the EVO final survey and join the live "Graduation ceremony". Participants will be invited to join the WIA community of practice.





PBworks wiki, Edmodo, Google Communities, Skype, Twitter, YouTube, blogs (one out of a choice), Google docs, PhotoPeach, Animoto, Eyejot, Flickr, (other optional - Slideshare, Sliderocket, Capzles, Prezi, Toondoo, Word clouds), Voxopop (Voicethread optional), Learning Apps, Survey Monkey (optional Hot Potatoes, Quandary, Image Quiz, Quiz revolution, Google apps quiz)


Moderating Team


Ayat Tawel


Hi everyone !!

I'm  an EFL senior teacher from Cairo, Egypt. I have been teaching different age groups and levels for more than twelve years. I'm currently teaching adults and young learners at the Britosh Council in Egypt. My main interests are blended learning, using web 2.0 tools in teaching and enhancing creativity in the classroom. I was a co-moderator for Baw, one of EVO previous sessions, in 2012 and 2013.

Through EVO sessions, I have conducted some successful international collaboration projects with teachers from different countries around the world and presented about them in online and f2f events and conferences.

Hope you enjoy learning and sharing with us in ICT4ELT !!


Skype ID : Ayat.Tawel

YM: tooty5979

Twitter: @ayatawel



Helen Davies


I'm Helen. I live and work in France. I'm lucky to live in the mountains  - so lots of snow  and skiing for me!

I'm a teacher and teacher trainer and one of the most exciting moments of the year is EVO session time. 

I took my first steps learning about computers in the classroom with the EVO session "Becoming a webhead" (BAW) and was a member of the moderator team. 

We hope you will enjoy this session as much as we do. It's such a pleasure to learn and share with so many colleagues around the world. 


You can find me here: 

skype:   hdavies06

twitter:  @helen100463



José Antônio da Silva

My name is Jose Antonio. I am an EFL teacher living in Brasilia, Brazil. I have been a co-moderator in EVO since 2008. As such, it is always a pleasure to join the enthusiastic group of educators that register for EVO sessions every year. I have been teaching English for 25 years and I love what I do. In my classes, I always try to use ICT tools in a way that encourages students to use language meaningfully.  As we prepare for the 2014 learning journey, I would like to welcome all the educators who join us this year.

Warm hugs from Brazil

Skype ID: joseantoniook

Yahoo ID: joseaokc

Twitter: @joseantoniook




Marijana Smolčec 



I am Marijana Smolcec from a small town of Ogulin in Croatia. I am also an English

and Croatian language teacher, with 13 years of experience, proud Webhead and a

co-moderator of  TESOL EVO courses "Becoming a Webhead 2012" and "Becoming

a Webhead 2013". Co-organizer of Reform Symposium eConference #RSCON,

school project coordinator, interested in developing online projects, avid user of

web 2.0 tools, team worker, passionate about teaching teenagers and Edtech,

proud mom and a wife. 

I am happy to be joing my great co-mods this year! Let's learn together!

I blog at: http://englishlearning-marijanasblog.blogspot.com/


Skype: mare302

Twitter: mscro1




Mbarek Akaddar


.I'm Mbarek Akaddar from Beni Mellal, Morocco. A teacher of English for 27 years. A Webhead, Microsoft Education Trainer, E-Teacher,  Adobe Education Trainer. Google Educator.

I have been involved  in EVO sessions since 2007. I was one of the moderators of BAW 2011, 2012 and 2013. This year , I joined the EVO coordinating team  and I moderated  the first version of ICT4ELT2014  session  and I ll be keeping you company in ICT4ELT 2015.

I look forward to learning ,  sharing and having fun  with you :-) 


Yahoo :               mbarekakaddar

Skype:                 mbarek.akaddar 

Twitter :          https://twitter.com/Mbarek

Tsu : https://www.tsu.co/mbarek_akaddar



Sanja Bozinovic


My name is Sanja and I am an EFL teacher at a primary school in Velika Gorica,


where I live with my husband and two sons.  I have been a teacher for 24 years.

I have also been a Webhead for many years and with Webheads I have learned a lot

about the use of web 2.0 tools, collaboration and sharing.This year I am one of the

moderators for ICT4ELT. I look forward to this year’s session and welcome all the

teachers who want to learn how to use technology to enhance language lessons and

to have a lot of fun learning and teaching.


Yahoo ID: sanja.bozinovic

Twitter: @bsanja

Skype: msbozinovic                   





Svetlana Obenausova

 I live and work in the Czech Republic, I am a teacher and a teacher trainer at the Department of English, Faculty of Education. I teach a variety of courses, ICT for teachers of English is one of them. I graduated in several ICT online courses and I was one of the team of moderators in BAW2012 and BAW2013. I especially use Web 2.0 in my online teaching.

I hope you will enjoy the course. We will be always around to help you if you need it.


Skype: dandelion13

Twitter: svetlanaobe


Primary Contact: Svetlana Obenausova 

                              obenausova at gmail dot com




How to join this session



To join this group:


From January 5 to 11:



  1. Go to: Our wiki  between Jan. 5 and 11, 2015, and get acquainted with it.
  2. You can join our Google+ Community.                                                                       
  3. Click on "Join this Group" to be a member of our Google+ Community 
  4. Wait for your membership approval. 


The action starts on January 12, 2015!



Our  Online Spaces


Google+ Community - our main communication platform for introductions, announcements, weekly wrap ups 


Our Wiki - a collaborative platform with course syllabus, tutorials, and a playground for participants


Edmodo - a virtual space for comments on our weekly readings. 

Digital Media

Discussion Group (e.g., Yahoo!Groups), Wiki ( PBWorks and WikiSpaces), Social Learning Platform (Edmodo and Twitter), Live meeting (BlackBoard Collaborate/Elluminate and Big Marker)


Other technology tools
PBworks wiki, Edmodo, Yahoo groups, Skype, Twitter, YouTube, blogs (one out of a choice), google docs, PhotoPeach, Animoto, Eyejot, Flickr, (other optional - Slideshare, Sliderocket, Capzles, Prezi, Toondoo, Word clouds), Voxopop (Voicethread optional), Learning Apps, Survey Monkey (optional Hot Potatoes, Quandary, Image Quiz, Quiz revolution, Google apps quiz.)




The Electronic Village Online is a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section






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